Andrew Hartman

Guitarist, Composer

Andrew Hartman, guitarist, composer, arranger, and music educator, based in New York City. 

Having taught in a variety of settings for over 15 years, Andrew has worked with hundreds of students around the US and UK. His current and former students include professional musicians, Broadway actors, college guitar majors, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of music and the guitar. 

Andrew is available for in-person private lessons studies in New York City, as well as online Skype lessons to anywhere in the world. 


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"Andrew is equally passionate about musicality and context as well as theory and technique.  I believe his guidance has helped elevate my proficiency both as a player and a musician, especially regarding jazz, and his teaching style is un-intimidating." Jeff A. (guitarist, Jared Mahone Band)

"Andrew not only teaches the mechanics, but he nurtures a true appreciation for the art of conversational music by emphasizing listening skills, harmony, music theory, and concepts that place learning an instrument into context. After studying with Andrew for two years, I was not only a very competent guitar player, but I also had a comprehensive understanding of how musicians communicate (musically and verbally) in a variety of settings. He made me a better listener and much more efficient in the practice room." Zach L.

"Even though my father was a professional musician and owned a music store, I never picked up an instrument until my mid 30's. I quickly realized I needed some help to play guitar and started lessons with Andrew Hartman. Andrew is a fantastic teacher. He kept the lessons fresh and interesting, tailoring them just for me. He was patient and encouraging, and he made guitar lessons fun." Andrew L.